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Henderson and Carobolante to lead the development of ISO global standards for diversity and inclusio

Effenus Henderson, President of Henderworks, Inc. and Co-founder of the Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion has been elected Convener of ISO’s Technical Committee 260’s new work group which will guide the development of global standards for diversity and Inclusion.

Henderson, a global thought leader on diversity and inclusion, and retired Chief Diversity Officer for the Weyerhaeuser Company, said: “I am honored and deeply humbled by the support of leaders from around the world who voted in favor of moving the work forward and who demonstrated their confidence in me to lead the effort. I am also deeply gratified that Lorelei Carobolante, President and CEO of G2nd Systems, a San Diego based firm, will serve as co-convener and project manager.”

Both Henderson and Carobolante have been instrumental in helping to develop US national standards in diversity and inclusion. SHRM, the initial sponsor of the US efforts to create national standards, is in the process of transitioning the sponsorship to the American Society for Testing and Measurement. “I am hopeful that the US standards process, which appears stalled, will pick up steam as SHRM and ASTM finalizes hand-offs” says Henderson. National standards for diversity and inclusion are emerging in the UK, France, Australia as a tool in raising skills, competencies and effectiveness in the diversity and inclusion area.

HR standards are developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 260, Human resource management, whose secretariat is held by ANSI, ISO’s member for the USA. Committee Chair James Lewis said improving HR performance is not just about staffing, but about aligning the values of an organization throughout and taking all stakeholders into account.

Henderson and Carobolante are encouraging HR and diversity leaders who have responsibility for operations in the US and in other countries around the world to lend their support to this ground breaking effort.

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