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Looking Back - Caring for Generations to Come

As I watched the inaugural ceremonies today, I was saddened to see President Obama leave office. He and Michelle were graceful and humble. They were deeply loved and appreciated by many. He made us proud as he ushered in the dawn of day many thought they would never get to see - a black family occupying the White House.

Yet they did and represented the office in a way that all Americans, no matter what their ethnicity, gender or orientation, marveled.

As we look forward to the advent of a new administration, I pray that the incoming President will find the grace and humility to lead inclusively that our country needs in this deeply divided time.

Thanks President Obama for what you have done, and welcome President Trump - we will pray that you will find that we all dream of freedom and equality for all.

We will not only be watching but will be diligent in assuring that that the fight for justice and equality continues unabated.


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