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Did America's Working Class Just Get "Punked?"

I watched Democracy Now earlier today and listened to Bernie Sanders. As he described his views on why Trump won the election, I reflected on my own thoughts. Many working class Americans, especially working class whites, voted for him in the hope of change and because of growing fears of diversity, inclusion, immigration and its impact on their lives and families. Beneath the surface, I wonder what was driving the fear that resulting in enough working class people bolting to Mr. Trump. His oratory about making American great again was music to many ears, but just when was America great, and what were the conditions then?

As we watch the new cabinet appointments being revealed, do these actors have the interests and concerns of this working group in mind as they begin their all out assault on many programs including the Affordable Care Act, bringing jobs to America, reducing federal bureaucracy and so on...... Or is this a carefully constructed plan and deceitful attempt to dupe the working class?

The new administration has stoked these fears in the presidential campaign, blamed those who were different, and worked hard to convince working class white Americans that change, their type of change was what they needed. Are they right or are they promoting deceit and lies? Did working class white Americans get "punked?"

As the new cabinet is being assembled and their strategies are being framed, I believe that are. I pray that I am wrong.

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